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We are very excited to be having our b’nei mitzvah on October 24, 2020. This day is also going to be our 13th birthday! The synagogue is planning to do a zoom or livestream so everyone can view the service. Stay tuned for details on that.

When you have a bar mitzvah, part of the process is doing a mitzvah project to give back to the community.

For our project, our parents helped us choose to help with something very personal- the Ronald McDonald House. Before we were even born, we had a big struggle. When mom was pregnant with us, she was diagnosed with Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, something that happens only in identical twin pregnancies. It’s where one twin sends all the blood/nutrients/fluid to the other twin through the placenta, leaving one twin depleted (that was Gabe) and one twin overloaded (that was Sam). It’s a faulty system which puts the pregnancy at great risk. In order to save our lives, mom had to have surgery on the placenta to separate it into 2 sections so each twin would have a share. The surgery was done at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in July of 2007 and during that time our folks stayed for a few weeks at the Ronald McDonald house in Camden, NJ.

In Sam’s words: I’m forever thankful for the Ronald McDonald house for giving my parents a safe place to stay while we were all suffering from TTTS.

In Gabe’s words: Thank you for helping me even before I arrived.

Because this organization was so helpful to us, we are helping raise money for them for our mitzvah project. We also plan to volunteer there preparing meals once Covid is over and they allow that again.

Please consider making a donation, we truly appreciate it. Follow this link to a campaign for Ronald McDonald House Greater Hudson Valley: https://give.rmh-ghv.org/campaigns/15306-meals-that-heal-2020

Thank you very much!

Sam and Gabe Rikon


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In Support of Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley

At Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley we envision a world where all children have access to the medical care they need, and their families are fully supported and actively involved in their children’s care.  Thanks to our community of supporters we can offer families compassionate care by creating and running programs aimed at improving the health and well-being of sick children and their families.

When a child is battling a medical crisis, our House provides families with all the comforts of home and eases some of the burdens they face every day. Together, we continue to enable access to medical care for seriously ill children, allowing a family-centered care approach to treatment and giving families what they need most during this critical time -– each other. 



The cost to provide a welcome bag for a family upon check-in



The cost to provide cleaning supplies for one week



The cost to provide one brunch for all of our families



The cost to sponsor one night’s stay and meals for a family



The cost to sponsor one dinner for all of our families



The cost to be the snack sponsor for one month